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Status: Currently on Hiatus

Jess is currently on a medical hiatus
Attending conventions will be put on pause at this time

Full Time Illustrator

Illustrator & Doodler of Controlzee Art
I'm Jess, also known as Controlzee. An Aotearoa-born Asian artist, I enjoy creating cute things! I operate a small brand, Controlzee, which specializes in producing art merchandise. I strongly believe that art should be affordable and accessible to all.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open for commissions/requests?

I do not do commissions due to my full time dedication to my art brand & study

What program do you use to draw?

Procreate on ipad (default studio brush & dry ink brush)
Photoshop (file formating)
Adobe Illustrator (For file formating for products)

Why isn't your store open?

My store only opens 3-4 times a year due being busy with travelling for conventions I attend throughout the year

When is X Product going to be made?

Due to being a small artist I'm unable to product merchandise as frequently compared to bigger artists and established businesses so it can take 3-6 months

Where do you get your pins/stickers/etc made?

Due to previous experiences, I am no longer comfortable sharing my manufacturers for my merch.

Can I get a tattoo of your art?

Yes & No
You're free to get a tattoo! just tag me/credit my art in a photo when it's done (it's important to me)
But if you're a tattoo artist you're not allowed to distribute/profit from my artwork as my work is not for commercial use